What a great bathroom!


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Last year, we spent the Thanksgiving week in a house in south Orem, Utah, where we all gathered with our BYU student children to celebrate. The AirBnB we rented was very large, with lots of sleeping space. It was perfect for our needs. As an added bonus, the main floor bathroom was a wonder. I thought I had taken this picture; it only took me ten months to find it. Behold this bathtub, complete with working shower! Fancy, huh?

Bathtub chandelier.jpeg

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43 minutes ago, Jamie123 said:

It's hard to tell if the chandelier is in the foreground or hanging directly over the tub. In the latter case I wouldn't care to take a shower with the lights on!

The shower does not have a shower curtain. But it does have a chandelier. So on the whole, everything balances out.

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It looks like a Jacuzzi Tub.  Not one that you usually shower in, but one you take baths of really hot water in.

I have one (it has no shower, the bathroom has a shower, but it is separate) which is quite a bit larger.  I am always afraid to use it though because I have no idea how to clean it (you would, in theory, need to clean the little spouts underwater that spout water into the tub as well, no idea how to do that).

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