Managing child with diagnosed ADHD, please share experiences


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Wondering if other people also have a child with diagnosed ADHD like me, and want to chip in their experiences while trying to manage their symptoms.

Our case is unique because I think me and my husband both have undiagnosed ADHD, and I am also diagnosed with depression.

We often found ourselves overwhelmed by the demands of parenting and struggling to meet our ADHD suffering child’s needs. We lacked organizational skills and found keeping up with kid's schedules and managing his behavior very stressful.

I will say my adult life hasn't been easy, and I struggle to stay organized, and my mind can't stay focused for very long. Like when I was in college, I could barely read 2 pages without feeling the need to get up pace and walk around. In class, I wasn't disruptive and quiet. I get very overwhelmed when I have to multitask or I have to do more than one thing a day. I'm always overthinking, and it's been hard to hold down jobs, and it always seems like the weight of the world is on my shoulders every single small crisis.

I learned that clinical studies show that intervention for kids with ADHD tends to be less effective when a parent has ADHD too. I've been researching more on this online

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So I teach for a virtual school, and we have a number of families that attend the school because of ADHD. There are many cases where it's successful for the kids: less distraction, more flexible schedule, learning at home without the structure of school. But where I've seen it struggle with these families is where the parent also has ADHD. I start feeling bad for these families where I am asking a parent with ADHD to create and manage a learning schedule for an ADHD child. 

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