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14 hours ago, daw88 said:

I was on other Christian forums but I'm switching to LDS forums so that I can connect with people that have my beliefs. I'm tired of wasting my time on forums that always want to correct me and such.

So the real question is....what is your preferred DAW?

Please note that the wrong response will get you quickly corrected.

Haha. J/k of course.

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50 minutes ago, daw88 said:

Thanks for the warm welcome. I wasn't sure how active this forum was, but it looks pretty active, great. I'll see if I can find my way around and add an avatar.

Not as active as it once was, but it's one of the more active faithful (mostly) forums that I've found.   

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16 hours ago, Vort said:

Happy to have you. Here you have a true Zion, where no dissention, contention, or even disagreements are ever had. Ever. We always smile here.


@daw88   Just so you are aware.  Vort lies all of the time.  :P   

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