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In 1939, George Bernard Dantzig, a doctorate candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, arrived a few minutes late to Jerzy Neyman’s statistics lecture while there were two homework problems posted on the board. He wrote them down and spent many days figuring out the answers. He was unaware that these were really two well-known statistics theorems that had never been proved before, not just regular exercise problems.

Dantzig subsequently said in an interview that:

A few days later I apologized to Neyman for taking so long to do the homework—the problems seemed to be a little harder than usual. I asked him if he still wanted it. He told me to throw it on his desk. I did so reluctantly because his desk was covered with such a heap of papers that I feared my homework would be lost there forever. About six weeks later, one Sunday morning about eight o’clock, we were awakened by someone banging on our front door. It was Neyman. He rushed in with papers in hand, all excited: “I’ve just written an introduction to one of your papers. Read it so I can send it out right away for publication.” For a minute I had no idea what he was talking about. To make a long story short, the problems on the blackboard that I had solved thinking they were homework were in fact two famous unsolved problems in statistics.

The most renowned statistician in the world at the time, Neyman, was then asked by Dantzig the next year what subject he should choose for his doctoral thesis. Neyman shrugged and said, “Just put your treatments of the two issues in a folder.” He would accept it as a doctoral thesis.


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YouTube blocked the video for age restrictions and they make you sign in.  What a joke.  Nothing graphic is shown.

Thanks for posting this inspirational video.  I cannot believe some people can fight so hard and endure so much in attacks.

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