The Captain Midnight Incident

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In 1986, a disgruntled satellite dish retailer found himself working a second job at a satellite transmission station after various television networks began scrambling their signals, rendering most privately-owned dishes useless. In an act of revenge, he used his position as a technician to hijack HBO's signal for 90 seconds. Suffice to say that HBO and the feds weren't very pleased with him, but because they didn't actually have a lot of laws in place concerning what he did there wasn't a whole lot they could charge him with and he eventually took a plea bargain. 

This has me wondering. 

If not for him, would the government have ever implemented the kind of laws and reforms that would be put in place to prevent another such incident?

Did his act of petty revenge actually make telecommunications *safer* as a consequence?

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In Australia, law-making is quite often a reactive, rather than a proactive process, with many laws being made in response to particular events. If it hadn't been for the technicians triggering act of revenge, it most likely would have been some other trigger, resulting in a similar, but not identifical outcome. 


The real Captain Moonlight was alive and well in the Australian outback more than a hundred years before this modern day imposture :)

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