Cyclists on the pavement


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Cyclists drive me mad. They ride on the pavement, and come up silently behind you with no warning at all. (They've never even heard of the concept of a cycle bell - oh no that's for old grannies, not for Mr. King-of-the-pavement-baseball-hat-wrong-way-round Snot-meister.) The first thing you know about him is when he swishes past you a couple of inches to your left, and while you're reeling from that his mate comes past you on the other side missing you by half an inch. Not a word of warning. And they are they are so sanctimonious about it all, just because they're not burning gas. Well pedestrians aren't burning gas either, but do they get an ounce of consideration? Not on your nelly! Oh no, Mr. Snotty 16-year-old know-it-all "Pop-a-Wheelie" thinks he knows it all, and thinks he's so important that God must have put eyes in the back of everyone's heads just so they can see him coming. When he hits and kills poor 80-year-old Mrs. Tibbles as she leaves the Post Office with her pension, will that knock him off his high horse? Maybe not - but I think a manslaughter charge will!

P.S. Pavement=sidewalk

P.P.S. And they don't take the slightest bit of notice of red traffic lights either!.

P.P.P.S. OK I'm tarring everyone with the same brush here, which I shouldn't do. But even the moderately respectable cyclists who don't "pop" wheelies, or wear their baseball caps the wrong way round do endanger pedestrians with their reckless pavement riding - as we can clearly see in this video! I mean look at them, riding nonchalantly past the "cyclists dismount" sign like it's not there. It makes me SO MAD!

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