Grind the face of the poor

Emmanuel Goldstein

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Dig it.  Dude is a bit too Irish for my blood, here are my people: 


Now, you may have heard of the foreign trade, And fortunes made by tobacco lords,
But the working man slaved his life away And an early grave was his sole reward.

A dreary room, a crowded slum,
Disease and hunger everywhere,
And the price to pay was another day
And fight the anger and despair.


I pity folks who are more than 2 or 3 generations away from soul-crushing life-shortening poverty.  Y'all get comfortable and entitled, and forget how it can be for folks.

(This topic is one of the main reasons I'm a conservative patriot, btw.)

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Whelp, I had a good 5 minutes of just enjoying the heck out of this Appalachia miner poverty chant, before noticing everyone making it political.  Since that's how people are reacting, guess I'll add some politics.

It's always interesting to consider the political affiliations of people who are all about boosting the signal of certain kinds of historically marginalized people, but take issue with others.  (Equal opportunity burn for both left and right here.)

This is the next "Try that in a small town".

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