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I now have three returned missionaries under my roof, and one out in the field.  It is interesting to see the "mellowing" of each of them by way of their mission experience.

My daughter has a greater propensity for being social and going to friends houses for a visit.  She's also much more ready to stand up for herself.   I'm not saying she's ready to run for President yet.  But she is definitely more confident and outgoing.

My two sons were probably polar opposites from a personality perspective. 

My eldest son was "the grump" of the family.  It was difficult to get him to smile about anything.  But he has been easily falling into smiles and has let himself get excited in anticipation for some things yet to come.  He's also just a lot more polite and understanding of people's weaknesses.  He's a certified genius (smarter than the rest of the family put together - myself included).  So, it was very easy for him to get frustrated at others' lack of understanding of things that seemed very basic to him.

My second son was the happy son.  It seemed that is default mode was to have a genuine smile on his face.  And if anything was even remotely funny, he would burst out laughing.  I think I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that he was in a sad mood.  Today, he has a "moderate" mood as a default.  But he still laughs at nearly any joke.

It just so happens that they are all now at the phase where they need to get out on their own.  So, I've brought each of them in for a talk about charging rent starting some time next year.  That gives them some time to get things organized and so forth.  And if they don't do so by the deadline, the rent won't be all that much. But it will increase periodically to motivate them to get out on their own.

Each of them have varying levels of preparation as well as different plans on how they are going to make their mark on the world.  It is exciting to see their gears working.

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I have a son returning from a mission December 28th of this year.  If he is like me he will not want to leave the mission field.  I had a very powerful longing for years after returning home to go back out again into full time missionary service.

His friend is returning home from a mission in Colorado/Wyoming this month.  It will be great to go to his home coming.

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