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I am of the opinion that few things of this life are as they appear.  I had a younger brother that grew up mostly after I had left home (and moved far away from my family).  I only knew him while he was a child.  He died in an accident a few months after he returned home from his mission.  His death was particularly hard on my parents. 

During my younger brother’s funeral, I had an experience that is somewhat difficult to explain.  My brother came to me and communicated with me – it was a profound spiritual experience for me.  I learned that our mortal existence has what I would best describe as presets.  One of the major presets is the time of our death.  On rare occasions there can be an extension or contraction concerning our time of death pending on circumstances. 

Many sorrowed for my brother thinking that his time on earth had been shortened.  I learned that his time had been extended to serve a mission.  I inquired why my brother came to me rather than my parents or other family members.  I learned that the reason was because our parents and other family members were too stricken with grief and my brother could not connect with them.  I was to let them know that my brother was blessed to fulfill a mission.  Also, that he was about a good work and would not be denied any blessings and should not be mourned for dying young.   It took several years for my parents to be comforted.

Like the song “Come Come Ye Saints”, And if we die before our journey {seems} through – Happy Day, all is well.


The Traveler

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