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Trinity Proof-Texts Refuted

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hijolly, good for you! being born-again is great! lol, and you are right in that i don't think most mormons will think he did a good job. :) i'm curious about what you mean though when you say the three are one God. mormonism believes it is three Gods... you don't believe that? you believe that the three are one God and not three different Gods?


about the book of mormon being full of errors. i didn't mean it IS full of errors, i'm saying it isn't. it's not a copy of a copy of a copy of a translation of a translation of a translation. it is supposed to be straight from God to j. smith. it is my understanding that when j. smith was reading the words out of his hat to his scribe, after they had written it correctly, that's when the next passage was made available to j. smith to read. i've heard it IS 'the word of God' and it IS 'the most correct book on the face of the earth,' since God directly translated it to j. smith... i would assume doctrinal errors were not made. i know punctuation, and grammar, and chapter/verse breaks were added in later copies of the book of mormon, but did the doctrine change? maybe, maybe not. that's not what i'm talking about. i'm simply saying that since the book of mormon is straight from God, and is the word of God, then we can read it and see what He really taught without going to other texts to check if we can find words that could be translated differently. it is correct; as is. so, when God says in the book of mormon that father, son, and holy ghost are one God... it means they are one God and not three Gods. and when the book of mormon says there is only one God it means there IS only one God and not more than one God. am i wrong in agreeing with the book of mormon?

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