Toxic Masculinity


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There are numerous debates in our society about the need to eradicate (as much as possible) toxic masculinity.  Some would hint that it does not really exist while others are certain that it is standard practice though much of our society.  I would add to all this my personal opinion that toxic masculinity does indeed exist and that it is a growing problem in our society.

First, I would define toxic masculinity as those of that are biologically of male gender that torment and dominate those that are biologically of the female gender, forcing them to be shamed by the masculine dominance over them.  What is odd to me is that many that argue about the problem of toxic masculinity are unable to recognize the very worst cases of it.

As near as I can determine every definition of toxic masculinity is manifested by masculinity dominating in female (feminine) sports.  From depriving women (the biological feminine) from achieving recognition for their athletic achievements to the sexual harassment in the locker rooms where the toxic masculine and their supporters are forcing women to be unwillingly required to undress naked in front of them – often themselves (the toxic masculine) also displaying themselves naked forcibly before women.

I cannot think of a greater display of toxic masculinity that what is being perpetrated by certain masculine individuals and their supports in the arena of women sports.


The Traveler

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