Confirmed: Biden is a Pedophile who Molested his own Daughter

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17 hours ago, Jedi_Nephite said:

How exactly does that show disregard for the seriousness of the issues regarding sexualization of children?  He’s calling it as it is, as he should.  I would think anyone who has been a victim of people like Biden would agree that he’s creepy, and wouldn’t want him to be their president, and would be glad that someone is calling him out on it rather than sliding it under the rug.  If Trump has that to use against him, by all means, he should use it.

Too many people want a leader to fight a good fight, but, at the same time, not do anything that might offend someone, or sound mean.  I’m sorry, but I would much rather have someone sound insensitive and blunt, but truthful, than someone who just spouts comforting niceties to be nice.

If that is all it were, people whining about Trump because he's willing to bluntly state the truth, then I would agree with you. I don't think that's it, though. I think that Trump is simply using political leverage from this. I think Biden is probably a pervert and a rancid individual, but the bare fact alone that he showered with his teenage daughter is not, per se, proof of perversion (though it comes pretty close). I can imagine various scenarios, admittedly unlikely, where such a thing could happen and be an innocent occurrence. If Biden wants to explain himself and what this is about, so much the better.

Trump has enough skeletons in his closet that he probably doesn't want to get into a pervy-pointing contest. Given the choice between him and Biden, I will quickly choose Trump, as I have already said many times. I don't trust Joe Biden to any degree whatsoever. But let's just say that I'm not entirely comfortable having Donald Trump as my champion.

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4 minutes ago, Vort said:

Trump has enough skeletons in his closet that he probably doesn't want to get into a pervy-pointing contes

Correct. I have no issue with Trumpers calling out Biden, as long as they see that their man isn’t a saint.

I think it’s darkly ironic when Trumpers call out Biden but refuse to admit their guy is also a scumbag.

I remember the 90’s when right wingers were talking about how much character matters in a president. They were absolutely right, but most refuse to apply the same standard to people who agree with them.     

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