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pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

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pansit bihon, lumpia, and pork bbq (mama sita's marinade!). and if you got a long guest list and some money, lechon!

bini... what do you miss the most? Me, I miss the calamay from Bohol. It's very perishable, so they can't export it. That's my goal when I visit Bohol again... just pig out on calamay - especially the ones from Jagna.

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Guest Ganalon

I am Filipino Catholic living at the middle of the city here in the Philippines. I would like to know more about LDS and become part of you someday. If I could spend the rest of my life learning about Jesus Christ that would be so much gift from God if He let this happen. Please of someone could help me, here is my contact 0917-3698016. You may also reach me from my company im working with, here is the number 925-4681 loc. 107.:( Please help me find you.

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