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Riiiiigggghhht. If any of these things "worked" to accurately predict anything believe me that every business, investment firm, intelligence agency, and professional coach would be using them. Paper, ink, and plastic and they have about as much "magic" or "power" in them as a used soda can.

The point is not that the magical talismans have any actual power. The point is that people put their belief and trust in them.

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Ok dowsing isnt the same. Well depending on what you are dowsing. Water changes the charges a bit. If you are paying attention and have experience some people do seem to be able to sense the water. Honestly, I think if you walk around waving your arms in the air you may well be able to sense the too. :) I know it sounds silly but it really isnt. :)

Also there are no ghosts or occult involved in dowsing.

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Guest Victoriaf
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I heard something about a 78 card deck of the endowment? So surely it is okay, Mormonism is based off mysticism and magic, nothing to be ashamed of. I know old school Mormons were nervous of Ouija boards and fortune tellers, but when it comes down to it what is a patriarchal blessing, what is praying for the "holy spirit" to guide you? I would also say anything a prophet of god has taken part in is probably fair game.

And if any of the above worked so well we would all be Ouija board wielding Mormons would we not :)

Embrace your own spiritual journey, anything you are comfortable with is fine!

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1 hour ago, rcthompson88 said:

My daughter wrote a note to God wanting to know an answer to her prayer. She was disappointed when He did not write back. Now I know what to get her for her birthday so she can get that answer!

Yeah, a set of scriptures, where God wrote the answer.

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19 hours ago, zil2 said:

Yeah, a set of scriptures, where God wrote the answer.

Funny you say that, because that is basically what I told her. His answer is already written in the scriptures. She just needs to read, study, and be open to recognizing the answer when it comes.

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