World Wide Indexing Event Breaks Records

World Wide Indexing Event Family Search
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Sunday, July 20 through Monday, July 21 was a day for the record books. FamilySearch created an event to invite anyone and everyone to help them break a world record for the highest number of indexers in a single day—and they did it! The original goal of 50,000 individual volunteer indexers was surpassed by more than 16,000.

According to the event’s Facebook page, FamilySearch had 66,511 individual volunteers help index records online during the 24-hour period. Together, the volunteers indexed more than 5.7 million records. Previously, the record for the number of indexers in a single day was 49,025.

Congratulations to FamilySearch and all those who helped achieve this great feat. Indexing makes records searchable online, allowing individuals to more easily complete their family history. Volunteers who would like to index can do so at anytime online at

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