The typical Evangelical explanation for what happens after death to the Saved vs the Lost........ when it is really thought through.....  causes Evangelical Christians to appear like COLLABORATORS in a Holocaust that.........  (assuming the validity of what was shown to near death experiencer Bob Jones of only about two percent of people who die being able to go directly into heaven)........ then if the idea of an Eternal Hell from which there is no escape were actually true........ then how could the Christian Bible be considered "good news?????" You Latter day Saints have the keys to reaching out to the metaphorical ninety nine as shown to the gifted visionary Rick Joyner in his book The Final Quest..... You know about various levels in the afterlife and about preaching continuing in the afterlife and repentance being possible even after death.  You are the only major denomination of Christianity capable of being twisted together with Judah.... the Jewish people!