Aggressive LDS National Outreach Underway in Kiribati

An island chapel in Kiribati
A chapel in Kiribati. From

Missionaries in the Pacific Island nation, Kiribati, report that the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission has begun a major initiative to expand missionary efforts to other islands and push for reactivation of current members.

The blog,, reported today that the expansion has already resulted in the opening of three islands to missionary activity, including Maiana, Nonouti, and Onotoa. Members on Maiana and Nonouti have been called to improve accessibility to the Church in areas where there are those who are open to the Church. There have also been plans to reorganize the two Tarawa stakes to accommodate the expected growth, however, the blog cites that “local leadership development problems have prevented the creation of additional congregations.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kiribati (pronounced Kiribaas) has struggled with activity rates for several years. Records of the Church report that there are over 15,000 members (16.3 percent of the total population) in the island nation. However, only 4.66 percent of the population self-reported as “Mormon” for the 2010 census. The Church hopes that as the outreach continues activity rates, as well as convert baptisms, increase.

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