You Choose the Poetry Contest Winner!

Writing a poem is proud to announce the finalists in their first ever poetry contest! Take a moment to vote for your favorite, here in randomized order:

If I Had a Book of Mormon Broadway Show

by Theric Jepson

crickets and gulls

by Brook Andreoli

Lot’s Wife

by Lorraine Jeffery

Holy Spirit

by Michaela Stephens

Annunciation at Pajaro Dunes

by Robbie Taggart


by Miles Bryson

One Ev’ning a Trav’ler

by Jeanelle Averett

I Was There At the Temple

by H.T. Lawrence

Simplicity, Simplicity

by Michael Scott Jensen

Touch These Stones

by Alex Barlow

Waiting for Canaan

by Bobby Aldridge

Light and Truth

by Heather DeSomer

Typhoon Hits the Phillippines

by Mary and Harrison Strong

Blind Man

by Davey Morrison Dillard

By This Shallmenknow

by S.P. Bailey


How Will the Winner Be Chosen?

The public can vote for as many poems as they like one time each. Two judges Michael Tatum, 2011 Idaho Senior Poet Laureate, and Tyler Chadwick, author and editor of Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets, will choose their three favorite poems.

The poem that receives the most popular votes will receive 5 points, the poem that receives the second most popular votes will receive 3 points, and the poem that receives the third most popular votes will receive one point. Each of the judges’ three favorite poems will receive points in the same way. The poem with the most points will be the winner. Any tie will be broken by the popular vote.




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