Is Masturbation No Longer Considered a Sin?




I was talking with a friend today and she mentioned that the Church Handbook was recently updated. As she told me the changes she said that they took out masturbating or self gratification being a sin. After talking to her I went to look and couldn’t find anything about this topic in the handbook.  I am wondering why this isn’t in there and if I may have missed something. All growing up we were taught that this is a sin and I have taught my teens that it is too. Now I am confused if it is?




In doing some research on this subject you are right.  There is no mention in the new handbook just released.  Nor is there any mention in the handbook that came out in 2010.  Nor is there any mention in the  Bishop and Stake Presidents handbook that came out in 2006.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up with the idea that if it’s not in the Church handbooks or not specifically mentioned in any guidelines then it must not be a sin and okay to do.  We, at Ask Gramps, get asked so often, “How far can I go sexually without it being a sin?”  Believe it or not, there are guidelines specifically outlined and addressed to our youth.  These guidelines can also apply to all adults as well.  They happen to be in For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.

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