Nephi Risked His Life For the Brass Plates. Why?




Once Nephi and his brothers got their hands on the brass plates, where did they go? Are the things written on them now in the Book of Mormon? Are they from the Bible? If they were that important that they risked their lives for them, then why is it not apparent what was on them?



Hi Abigale.

Thanks for your questions. I’ll take them in the order written.

Where did the brass plates go?

After Nephi and his brothers brought the brass plates back to Lehi, the Nephites kept the brass plates from that time until Mormon hid them up around the time the Nephites themselves were destroyed. Lehi prophesied, “…these plates of brass should never perish; neither should they be dimmed any more by time.” Lehi prophesied that the brass plates would also go forth to all people, though I’m not sure how that prophecy is to be fulfilled. But the brass plates are still around, under care of their divinely appointed caretakers, waiting to fulfill God’s purposes.

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