What Does It Mean to Be Sealed?




What does it mean to an individual to be sealed? We always refer to the blessing of sealings to be the opportunity to be a family forever and it is often related to being “linked” together. That’s not what I’m questioning.  To clarify, I was born in the covenant and my parents’ sealing was canceled years ago. The previous edition of the General Handbook of Instruction explained that children in my situation are still sealed. What does that mean to be “sealed”. It isn’t a glue.



Thank you for your question, David.

A lot of people tend to wonder what sealing is really about.  We have the general definition that it means we’re an eternal family.  But when we see situations like yours where your earthly family has been broken, what does an eternal family mean for you?  That’s a very good question.  And while I don’t have a complete answer (it hasn’t been fully revealed to us) I hope to give you some comfort in your situation.

Let me start with the etymology of the word “seal”. 

Originally, it did not mean the “welding” that we think of when we repair a crack or tightly close the lid of a container.  It originally referred to a stamp or insignia.  That seal meant that it was official.  It was the sign that it had the full backing of the owner of the seal.

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