Dealing with Injustice as the Savior Taught


In these days of chaos and confusion, the Constition and what it stands for is being constantly challenged.  Even to the point of violence.  How do we deal with injustice as the Savior would?  Lisa M. shares a lot of insight regarding the subject.

The week of Memorial Day 2020 saw fireworks of the wrong kind as violence erupted in several large American cities over allegations of police brutality. But equally egregious was hearing people rationalize and justify the large-scale looting of stores, wanton destruction of property, and setting fire to city buildings—which caused even more casualties. Anarchy is the antithesis of what makes our nation great. America is great because she is free. And America is free because her citizens choose to obey the rule of law. When there is a problem or injustice, we seek to address it through the proper channels. Unfortunately, that often takes time. A lot of time. But we take this time so that we can investigate and find out all the facts so we can get it right, understanding all the facts and the proper remedy.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave — the ideals espoused by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Founded on teachings of the Savior. But we don’t always get it right. The answer when we fall short is found not in violence but in His doctrine. The scriptures teach:

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