An Open Letter to the New York Times


I write not to presume representation for all Latter-day Saint women. From the Intermountain West corridor to far-reaching global communities, we have different experiences and deep sentiments that shape our perceptions at a moment like this.

Recently, the Church of Jesus Christ released a Relief Society broadcast to the membership of the Church. The overall intent of the broadcast seemed to be focused on how women are essential to the work of the gospel. President Nelson said, “Women have been at the center of our Heavenly Father’s plan from the beginning… [and] if the world should ever lose the moral rectitude of its women, the world would never recover.” Despite these touching words, there are some women who have felt the message from the broadcast did not place women on equal footing with men and, additionally, that the Church is keeping women out of positions of power. This has led other news sources to announce that the majority of LDS women feel this sense of disempowerment when it comes to the Church. Our hearts go out to these women who have felt unheard, unlistened to, and underrepresented. We do not deny their personal experience; however, we feel this widely broadcasted message is not giving fair credence to women who have also felt empowered, loved, and valued within the Church.

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