Some Gospel Insights From General Conference


As Latter-day Saints, we value the opportunity to hear from prophets and apostles. Twice a year, a weekend is devoted to hearing their words. Here is our personal Fall 2023 General Conference recap. Below are themes that stood out to several of our editors and contributors from the conference.

On His Terms

Dan Ellsworth

On Sunday morning, President Emily Belle Freeman gave a talk that was substantive, challenging, and powerful. She spoke to an issue that has been a cause of stumbling for numerous Latter-day Saints over the years, as well as broader Christianity: what exactly is the nature of our relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ? When we use the word “relationship” in this context, what exactly does that mean?

Recently this question was brought to light as a ChatGPT user asked the AI software to write a Christian worship song that could be either about a boyfriend or about Jesus. The result sounded like much of the most popular Christian music throughout the world.

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