The White Horse Prophecy


Hey guys, so whenever a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints runs for political office you might start to hear talk about something called the “White Horse” prophecy. People both inside and outside our faith understandably have lots of questions about what that prophecy is and whether or not it’s legit, so let’s talk about it!

OK, so the White Horse prophecy is purportedly a prophecy given by Joseph Smith in 1843 in the presence of two other people: Edwin Rushton and Theodore Turley. The earliest written record we have of the prophecy is from Edwin Rushton, written sometime after 1890. Rushton would have been around 70i-ish years old, recalling an event from when he was about 20 years old. And Turley wouldn’t have been much help, because he was super dead by the 1890s.

But according to the prophecy, at some point in the future…

“You will See the Constitution of the United States almost Destroyed so that it will only be saved as it were by a thread … and it would be Saved By the White Horse and red Horse Combined In its defence…”

OK, so in the Book of Revelation, we read about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. They ride on a white horse, a red horse, a black horse, and a pale horse. In the White Horse prophecy, the White Horse represents members of the Church. An interpretation of what the Red Horse represents is not given. It is hinted that the Black Horse represents freed slaves of African descent. And the Pale Horse represents the people of the United States.

So according to the prophecy, the White Horse (or the Church), along with whatever the Red Horse is, are to somehow save the Constitution.

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