12 Steps to Change: LDS Woman Overcomes Meth Addiction with Third Step, Trust in God


Mormon Channel continues highlighting different steps in the addiction recovery process with a video explaining the third step: Trust in God.

Sharon’s addiction began with an obsession of wanting to stay thin. Her need to be a certain weight drove her to try small doses of crystal meth to help her lose the extra pounds. Within two weeks, she was completely addicted and her personal life began falling apart.

Sharon became angry with God and angry that all recovery programs were based on faith in a higher power. She was upset about things that happened to her as a child and angry with God because He didn’t fix the things that she wanted Him too. When she began attending the Church’s addiction recovery program, Sharon began to see a change in herself, especially when step 3, trusting in God, was introduced.

She explains step three, saying,

In my mind, step three is all about trusting god and realizing that the creator of this universe cannot only help you recover but that he can literally provide a different life for you, a new heart for you.

Learn more about Sharon’s journey in the video above, and watch additional “12 Steps to Change” videos at MormonChannel.org.