12 Steps to Change: Woman Overcomes Cocaine Addiction with Step 10, Daily Accountability


Adrienne had a cocaine addiction for years—something she used to be proud of becuase she was able to keep it a secret for so long, even from her husband. As a hospital employee, Adrienne was called back to the hospital one night to help with an emergency C-section, an emergency that would change the course of her life.

Mormon Channel’s tenth step to change focuses on Adrienne’s story. The night she was called to help with the emergency C-section, she was heavily under the influence of cocaine.

“I had absolutely no business trying to help deliver babies, [or] being in the operating room,” Adrienne explains. “One little slip is all it would have taken. There is no way that God did not touch that situation.”

Her experience in the operating room helped Adrienne to realize that her addiction was out of control and she needed help. Now, everyday Adrienne is honest with herself, with God and with her husband, as she admits when she wants to use and why. As she began to take personal inventory, and promptly admit when she was wrong, she was able to become sober again.

Watch the video above to learn more about Adrienne’s road to addiction recovery. Visit mormonchannel.org to view other videos in the “12 Steps to Change” series.