10 New Years’ Resolutions Your Mormon Neighbors May Have

New Year

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes inadvertently called Mormons, focus throughout the year on personal improvement. So it is no surprise that many like to set new resolutions for the coming year. Here are ten your Mormon neighbors might be setting this year.


10. Eat better

eating an apple


Mormons believe they need to take care of their bodies because God has asked them to. In a scripture they call the Word of Wisdom, God tells them things to eat (vegetables and grains) and things to avoid (alcohol and tobacco).

9. Work on their family history

family history online

Mormons find strength from knowing about their ancestors, and work to discover who their ancestors are and about their lives.

8. Seek school or career advancement

art school

Like most people, Mormons want to progress in their careers. Mormons are taught they should seek self-reliance.

7. Complete more ministering assignments

mormon visiting teaching

Mormons take care of the others in their congregations by personally ministering to them. These are visits to teach uplifting messages and offer any necessary help. Everyone both looks after others, and is looked after her or himself.

6. Commit more time to their callings

mormon youth seminary

Many Latter-day Saints are given ways to serve in their congregations called “callings.” Callings can be to teach Sunday School, lead Boy Scouts, or keep membership records.


5. Attend the temple more

mormon temple

Latter-day Saints believe the temple is one of the most sacred places on Earth. In the temple members get married for all eternity, and are baptized for their ancestors who did not have the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ, so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy the full presence of God in company with their families forever..


4. Read the scriptures more often

mormon reading scripture

Latter-day Saints love the Bible and The Book of Mormon, which they believe is scripture like the Bible. They strive to read the words of God often and apply the teachings they find there.

3. Serve more in their community

mormon community service

Latter-day Saints believe that when they serve others, they are serving God. So they strive to find opportunities to help anyone in need.

2. Spend more time with their family

mormon mom and child baking

Latter-day Saints believe the family is “the most important unit in all eternity.” Because members believe they can be with their families eternally, they strive to develop meaningful relationships with them now.

1.Pray more regularly

mormon child praying

Latter-day Saints value their relationships with God and Jesus Christ above all others. They believe that they can speak openly with God when they pray, and that He will hear and answer them.


Christopher D. Cunningham is the managing editor for Public Square Magazine and contributor to Third Hour. He loves emphatically celebrating the normal healthy development of his sons Albus and Whitman, writing about the Church of Jesus Christ, finding the middle ground on most controversies, and using Western Family generic brand lip balm. Christopher is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho, and a resident of San Antonio, Texas.