10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids


The other day I saw a post on Facebook about Valentine’s Day from a friend I’ve known for quite some time. He mentioned that as his children were growing up, he wanted them to learn that Valentine’s Day was a day of love for everyone. Not just for Mom and Dad but for everyone in the family. So on the actual day of the holiday, they made it all about love in the family. Mom and Dad still found a day to have their own special celebration.

Here are 10 ideas that are inexpensive that you can do as a family if you have children.

Family Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Cozy up on the couch with some popcorn and favorite treats and enjoy a good family movie.

Make Paper Hearts

This is more for the parents to do for their children. Cut out several paper hearts. On each heart, write a reason that you love that individual child. Tape these to their bedroom door when they are sleeping. They will be so excited to see and read them when they wake up.

Bake heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies, and kids always have fun decorating them. Bake them yourself or use store-bought. Make your own frosting or use store-bought. Get some different sprinkles and have fun.

Have Breakfast for Dinner

I don’t know about you, but I’m always happy to have breakfast for dinner on any day. But for Valentine’s Day, make heart-shaped pancakes or waffles. Cut heart shapes out of watermelon or cantaloupe. Get out the strawberry syrup for some Valentine’s color.

Have a Game Night

I enjoyed game nights growing up. So get out some of those games you played as a kid and teach your children how to play them.

Have a Family Dance Party

Not only can you have a silly time dancing but you can get some exercise at the same time. Pick a variety of different songs to get you going. Anything from something popular today to YMCA, and for the little ones, go with Baby Shark.

Plant flowers from seeds

Teach your children how to plant flowers from seeds. It’s a good way for them to learn to be able to grow gardens when they get older. It will be fun for them to watch them grow and see their progress.

Check with a local nursing home about delivering valentines

Call a local nursing home and see if they will allow your family to deliver some valentines to those staying there. If they do, have your family make some homemade valentines to pass out to the residents at the nursing home.

Go outside and stargaze

Of course this will depend on where you live and what your weather is like in February. But take the kids out and just gaze at the stars. Even if that just means going out to your backyard. Good time to teach them about the wonders of our universe that God has provided.

Read Aloud-Story Time

Most kids love story time. Find some cute books that are about Valentine’s Day at your local library and have a cozy storytime. Pop some popcorn and make rootbeer floats.  


Pam is currently the Visual Layout Director for Public Square Magazine and for Third Hour. She loves anything to do with road trips and history. She currently lives in San Antonio, TX.