It’s Father’s Day. Suffer Through These 17 Horrible Dad Jokes. Do it For Him.

17 Horrible Dad Jokes, socks with sandals

First of all, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’re going to have to suffer through what you’re about to read. There’s really no excuse for how bad these jokes are … but your dad is going to love them. Dads thrive on lame puns and groan-worthy punchlines. It’s Father’s Day. Do it for him.

There is one ray of hope for you at the end of the tunnel, though. There is a chance that one or two of these might just be so bad that you actually laugh. It’s a thing. It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you watch the Twilight movies you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

1. Oh boy, here we go

2. This is only number two

3. Pls stop

4. OK, references like this are acceptable

5. Oh my lanta

6. Ha. Ha.    Ha.

7. Tacky.   No! Sorry. I’m not participating in this.

8. Booo

9. It really does

10. It’snot funny!

11. Now the song is stuck in your head

12. Classic

13. Spare me

14. I see what you did there

15. Did you make the noise out loud too?

16. OK, this is acorny joke

17. And last and possibly least

We made it! OK, so, some of those weren’t all that horrible. I got into it. If you made it all the way through those and are reading this right now I bet you got into it too. Anyway …


David Snell is a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's the Founder of The Sunday Pews, and has experience writing for Mormon Newsroom Pacific, KBYU11, Classical 89 Radio, and plenty more. He tries not to take himself too seriously and just wants to brighten your day a bit.