8 Awkward Dating Moments for Returned Missionaries

Image via yourtango.com. Returned missionaries experience awkward dating moments

Every missionary has an “exit interview” with their Mission President in which the President usually issues a challenge to the missionary: find an eternal companion. The journey to find a worthy mate can be treacherous and unpredictable. Believe me, I know. When I returned home from my mission I was eager to start my next mission to find an eternal companion and I dived in head first into the world of dating. What I was faced with was a plethora of awesomely awkward experiences.

Below is a list of eight awkward dating moments that occur for recently returned missionaries.

1. First date after the mission.

awkward dating moment on your first date

2. When someone from your ward says, “I know the perfect guy/girl for you!”

rejecting awkward dating moments for blind dates

3. Hugging a person of the opposite sex for the first time.

4. Title dropping- when your date says, “I was the AP on my mission.”

5. Blind dates.

6. Dating an Elder or a Sister from your mission.

Dating Elders

7. What your date thinks when you can’t stop talking about your mission.


8. First kiss after the mission.

Awkward First Kiss

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