President Worthen: Failing Does Not Equal Failure

President Kevin Worthen BYU
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Students filled the Marriott Center on the campus of Brigham Young University this morning to hear the school’s president give the first devotional address of the new year.

President Kevin Worthen addressed the students following his wife’s remarks. Worthen focused his talk on learning how to overcome failing and other setbacks. He said,

We will all fail, more than once, every day.

Although it is impossible to avoid failing, he assured those in attendance that failing does not equal failure. Part of the university’s mission statement reads that the mission of BYU is to assist in helping students achieve perfection and eternal life. Worthen explained that failing can be a part of everyone’s journey to perfection and eternal life, as long as individuals “learn to fail successfully.”

Worthen advises that one way individuals can overcome failing is to learn and apply truths. He explains,

Learn and apply truths to your lives. Learning is an essential part of…this mortal phase and quest to perfection.

As he continued, Worthen taught that through the atonement every failed attempt can still prove beneficial. He expounded on this principle as he tearfully told students to persevere through hard times, saying,

Because of the atonement all challenges are temporary…except for the one that occurs when you give up. So whatever you do—don’t you dare give up.

Worthen was installed as the 13th president of BYU during an inauguration ceremony held on September 9, 2014.

BYU devotionals and forums are held every Tuesday in the Marriott Center at 11:05 AM and are broadcast on BYUtv.

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