Heard at Church: The Door Approach

heard at church mormon comic
heard at church

Panel 1: [Sister missionary at podium] “When I was serving as a missionary, we thought we’d change up our door approach by singing carols at Christmastime.”

Panel 2: [Two sister missionaries at door. *SLAM*] Nobody was very interested in that idea.

Panel 3: [Two sister missionaries at open door. A woman is listening.] Then we started telling people we were practicing to sing in church, so could we practice for them & get some feedback?

Panel 4: [Sister missionary at podium] People were much more willing to listen when they knew they’d be able to critique our singing.

I'm an LDS cartoonist and author. I make journal comics every day at comicdiaries.com, and my graphic novel about serving a mission in Japan, "DENDO: One Year and One Half in Tokyo," won the 2015 Association for Mormon Letters award in the comics category.