Build a Temple In 2 Weeks? What?


Find out what’s happening now with the building of some of the temples.  Modular components that could allow for a temple to be built in 2 weeks.


The Helena Montana Temple is the first temple constructed in TWO WEEKS. . The church just announced a revolutionary, new way to build temples to make the process more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. And yet still absolutely gorgeous. . I think this is just so cool. The church has contracted with an Alabama company called BLOX to construct the temple off-site in modules, transport the pieces, and then assemble the temple rapidly on-site. . This modular construction method isn’t necessarily new, but doing it at this level of construction, for the quality and detail required for a temple is unprecedented. . The Helena Montana temple is 10,000 square feet and 96 feet high, and was constructed in the Alabama plant in 25 separate modules. . They then trucked the modules to Montana, where they were able to stitch together the modules in about two weeks. They also then installed the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. . With the rapid pace at which President Nelson is announcing temples, we simply can’t take 5–10 years anymore for construction, so this new process could potentially allow God’s work to go forth at a faster and most efficient pace across the world, blessing millions of lives. . You can learn more at the Church Newsroom and follow ScripturePlus for more Latter-day Saint news. . #lds #prolds #ldschurchnews #ldstemples #mormontemple #latterdaysainttemples #helenamontana

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