The History of Prayer Circles


Prayer circles haven’t always only been part of the temple endowment ceremony.  Learn a little more about the history of prayer circles.


Latter-day Saints participate in prayer circles to invoke God’s special blessings, and while today we only perform them in the temple, earlier in our history we would perform them on other occasions too. . Joseph Smith called the group of men and women who had been endowed the Quorum of the Anointed. These men and women would regularly meet as a quorum to perform a temple prayer circle to invoke God’s special blessing on behalf of the saints. . This practice continued in Utah where certain church buildings and Tabernacles even had designated rooms for these sacred prayer ceremonies. . The quorum of the twelve apostles also regularly meets and utilizes this special form of prayer to receive revelation and blessings from the Lord. . You can learn more about the history of latter-day Saint prayer circles in this episode of the podcast angels and seerstones. . #lds #prolds #ldstemples #churchofjesuschrist #temples #covenants #ordinances #templeceremonies #prayer

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