We Can’t Rely on Observation Alone


We can’t rely totally on observations. With the use of AI, false information can spread quickly. Elder Renlund counsels us on this subject.


Elder Renlund Discusses AI. August 22, 2023, Apostle, Elder Dale G. Renlund gave a talk at BYU titled, “Observation, Reason, faith and Revelation.” Outlining ways of establishing truth in our lives, and learning to use good methods to validate those facts. He shared reasons why we need to be careful to not fall into the trap of using unreliable resources. Stating that AI holds a particular reason to be cautious when “Observing” video and other content online. This is a clip of some of his points highlighting that fact. Concluding that as we seek revelation in faith and with the companionship of the Holy Ghost we will be able to observe more clearly that which is right for our lives. #Faith #AI #Revelation #Apostle #christian #truth #elderrenlund

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