11 Crazy Things Primary Kids Do (That Would be Inappropriate for the Bishop)

Kid Making a Silly Face

Have you ever considered that some kids might act crazier in primary than they do at home? We all know kids can be a bit strange sometimes, (for some, that’s putting it lightly) especially when things get a bit boring in church. Here are a few examples of the crazy things primary kids tend to do that would be totally inappropriate if our Bishop did them:

1. Singing Out Loud at the Top of Their Lungs

Little girl singing at the top of her lungs
“Only true stars belt their lyrics. After all, I am a Sun Beam.”

I’m not sure if most children are tone deaf or if there’s some competitive passion that kicks in the moment they start singing with other kids, but they want to be the loudest one there, and they don’t care what they sound like.

2. Flashing the Class

Kid drops pants during performance
“Nailed it! Maybe next time they’ll put me first!”

Whether the elastic on his pants broke, or she likes to use her skirt as a shield for her shyness, we all know one of the primary kids will flash the class at least once every Sunday.

3. Using Hymn Books for Things Other than Singing

Disney’s Gaston confused by a picture-less book
“If I turn it sideways it becomes a fan. Oooh that feels good!”

They tie them to  the bottom of their shoes for skis, use them as a hat, or turn them into the latest roller coaster simply by spinning on them. What ever it may be, primary kids definitely have an innovative mindset when it comes to hymn books.

4. Pushing Another Kid Off their Chair

Man pushing kid of chair
“Smarty pants, now what?”

Some kids don’t have a good perception of pain, all they know is that when someone offends them, they want them out of their personal space. And they want it right then and there.

5. Unhygienic Treatments to their Neighbor

Girl wipes booger on man
“This will get his attention. Success!”

Sometimes it’s simply to annoy their neighbor, or perhaps because they secretly like them; but most of the time, it’s just because they don’t know what to do with the snot, spit, or wax coming out of their bodies.

6. Making Faces at the Speaker

Kid Making a Silly Face
“This will make him crack a smile!”

When kids get bored, it’s almost like they lose all control of themselves. But, hopefully making faces eases the nerves of the kid giving the primary talk.

7. Voice Imitations From Who Knows Where

Disney’s Stich imitating Elvis
“I’m rockin’ this primary song like Stitch!”

Whether they’re dressed up or not, kids love to do imitations of their favorite characters. For girls it might be Elsa from Frozen, and for boys it might range between imitating their father’s authority, to doing some completely made up character or creepy voice.

8. Dancing to Their Own Silent Music

Kid dancing behind girl
“Sometimes at church I just feel a spiritual groove!”

There is a time and place for everything, and sometimes you just gotta dance. Children’s concept of appropriateness for the time is often far off what is socially acceptable. Sometimes a song pops into their head, and they start to feel the movement.

9. No Respect for the Question

Primary Kid Falls Laughing
Teacher, I honestly can’t answer that question.

By the time we’re old and hardened we may no longer understand why it’s funny when we ask, “Where can we see the Bishop perform his duty on Sundays?”

 10. Doing the Potty Dance

Pixar’s Boo doing the potty dance
“But I didn’t have to go a minute ago!”

As funny as it may be to adults, for some kids it’s the only way for them to publicly announce that they have to go to the bathroom–especially when they’re constantly told to be reverent and quiet.

11. Climb or Hang On the Anything That’s Available

Kid hanging upside down on his chair
“I’ve learned to always claim my seat, even during nap time.”

By the time kids reach primary, they’ve already had to sit still for 1-2 hours. At one point or another, they hit a wall and are either completely bored out of their mind or bouncing off the walls. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen a Primary kid do in class? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Nicole is a Technical Writer from BYU-Idaho, working as a content writer for LDS.net. A California girl married to a native Italian, Nicole has become quite cultured in the last few years. She has hiked to the top of Half Dome once, traveled to Italy and Switzerland twice, loves to run, and believes in the power of lavender-salt baths and yoga.