3 Useful Tips For When You Get a New Calling

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2021 has already brought some big changes for my husband and me! We just got called to be Sunday School teachers for the teenage youth in our ward. Both of us are really excited about the change and look forward to what this calling will teach us. I have to be honest, though, I’m a little overwhelmed! Have you ever wondered how to prepare for a new church calling?

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Your Predecessors

I think the best place to start when you are given a new calling is with the people who came before you. These brothers or sisters will have valuable knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps they know something you don’t about a less active child in your primary class! Maybe you need to know about someone with a food allergy in Relief Society! It’s always a good idea to ask them for tips.

I also like to ask those I am called to serve/teach what they liked about the previous holders of the calling. Did they teach a certain way that really helped the class? Did they do a weekly meeting with the presidency that brought unity? The ones you serve have ideas, too. Listen to them!

Check Resources

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The General Handbook has a section titled, “Serving in The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints.” This section includes a lot of great information and resources for any calling in your ward! Check it out and see what it has to say about your new calling.

There is also a section on the Church’s website with resources for many ward or branch callings. Click here to see a broad overview, and select whatever section your calling would be under. For example, if you’re a new primary teacher, there’s a virtual activity guide that your students will love!

Did you know that almost every calling has its own little website within the Church’s website? Simply click here and scroll until you see yours. There are so many great resources and helpful tips listed there! Another example: if you were just called to hold a music-related calling, there is a super helpful FAQ’s section for you and special videos to train you!

Don’t Stress

I know, I know. This is much easier said than done. It’s important to remember that God didn’t call you to do this thing because He thought you would do a good job. He called you because He knows you need it and someone needs you. Therefore, He is going to help you in every way He possibly can!

Take some time for yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Do the things that make you feel happy and calm. One thing that helps me when I’m stressed is to-do lists! Simply writing things down helps me prioritize and make a plan. It also helps organize the jumbled mess inside my head.

Pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him for help. He knows exactly how you should magnify your calling! Study the scriptures, listen to conference talks, or find other ways to hear Him. I know that He will bless you in your new calling as you turn to Him.

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What other tips do you have for when someone receives a new calling? Let us know in the comments below!

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