Dreamling Books Gives Novice Writers Chance to Publish Children’s Books


Two BYU graduate students have started a publishing company for children’s books and are now releasing their first book. Their goal? To publish inspirational books that can provide light, truth and uplifting principles.

Ben Ehlert grew up with a love for stories, especially those that were designed to inspire. When Ben Ehlert and Mitch Stevens met at BYU, they both had dreams. Ben wanted to be a successful businessman and Mitch wanted to start working in the creative space.

By the time they saw each other again, Ben had been to Kenya and discovered he wanted to inspire children to follow their dreams, and Mitch had quit his job and started writing children’s books. They both knew one thing: they needed to follow their dreams and inspire others to do so. That is how they decided to create Dreamling Books, a publishing company dedicated to connecting writers, illustrators and readers in publishing inspirational children’s books.

Dreamling’s main goal is to get people from anywhere to contribute and participate. “We all have a story to tell,” says Ehlert. He says they also want to help people learn how to tell their stories.

Dreamling Books is now pairing up with many artists and celebrities to help them spread the word.

Dreamling Books is managed on a platform that makes it easier to get published. The idea is that the writer can upload their story and people can vote on it. The public ultimately decides if the story is worth publishing by their vote. The platform is open to everyone who wants to publish and get feedback for their work, or who wants to support stories.

Ehlert and Stevens are both members of the LDS Church and Ehlert says the Church’s principles and teachings are a big  part of why they started. Although they don’t focus on LDS teachings, the main idea is that they want to share light. Ehlert told lds.net,

That’s why we do inspiring stories, because we can contribute to provide light, truth and uplifting principles

The company has published their first book called “The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth,” written by the award-winning photographer Chris Burkard, and illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan. The book is about a boy who speaks to the Earth and asks it where he can find happiness. The Earth decides to take him on a journey to the places it is most proud of. The book is intended to inspire both children and adults, and to encourage them to find joy in the journey.

The book is raising funds on Kickstarter and has already doubled its original goal. Ehlert says a great way to support Dreamling is to buy their first book.

Giulianna is an international student at Brigham Young University where she studies Broadcast Journalism. Originally from Uruguay, Giuli has lived in the United States for four years (time passes by so fast!) and she loves it (except for Winter). She loves working on TV but also likes writing because it is something she can do in her pajamas.