If Kung Fu Panda Put on the Primary Program


Ah, the dreaded/beloved Primary Program. You secretly think it’s hilarious. It’s okay, we do too—which is why we think Po and co. from Kung Fu Panda could give your kids a run for their money.

The kid who forgot what he was supposed to say

Po the kung fu panda as the kid who forgets what he’s supposed to say during the primary program

We’ve all been there. Luckily there were always plenty of parents and teachers to give us a hand when we got to the pulpit.

The kid who’s mastered all the songs

Tigress in kung fu panda as the kid who mastered all the primary program songs

Because this member of the Furious Five masters everything she does. Go get ’em, Tigeress.

. . . and is totally offended when she doesn’t get picked for a significant speaking part

Po is chosen as the Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda

It’s bad enough that Po got picked to be the Dragon Warrior, but now he gets a speaking part, too? Who’s in charge, here?

The kid with stage fright

Po the kung fu panda as the kid with stage fright during the primary program

Giving a talk in front of the Primary kids was bad enough—and now you want me to speak in front of the entire ward?

The helpful sibling who cheers him up

Tigress and Po in kung fu panda as the helpful sibling during the primary program

Well, if my sister’s gonna be there, I guess that changes things.

The Primary president before the Program

kung fu panda master shifu as the primary president before the primary program

Ask anyone who’s managed a roomful of kids under twelve—or one giant panda. It’s not easy. Master Shifu knows.

The Primary president during the Program

master shifu as the primary president during the primary program

Inner peace, inner peace, inner—oh, never mind.

The counselors

master oogway from kung fu panda as the primary program counselors

Because that’s what counselors are for. Thanks, Master Oogway!

The proud parent

mr. ping from kung fu panda as the proud parent during the primary program

Just like Mr. Ping loves Po, your parents love you just the way you are.

The kid who can’t decide which toy to bring

tigress picks up Po's toy in Kung Fu Panda

But I couldn’t possibly do the Primary Program if I don’t have my favorite action figure with me!

The kid who needs to be motived by food

po and shifu dumpling fight in kung fu panda

I think this is true of most adults as well. Or, at least, would be willing to memorize a program’s-worth of songs for dumplings!

The kid who needs a nap

Po loves Kung Fu in Kung Fu Panda

It certainly wasn’t Po’s idea to schedule the Program during nap time.

The sunbeams

po the kung fu panda as the sunbeams from the primary program

Need we say more?

The kid who’s too short to be seen

mantis from kung fu panda as the kid who’s too short at the primary program

What Mantis may lack in height he makes up for in enthusiasm. And Kung Fu awesomeness.

The kid who brought snacks up to the pulpit—and missed his turn

Po eating peaches from kung fu panda

I do this every year!

The congregation

villagers from kung fu panda as the congregation during the primary program

villagers from kung fu panda as the congregation during the primary program

villagers from kung fu panda as the congregation during the primary program

Just sit back, parents, and prepare to be amazed.

The Primary president after the Program

master shifu from kung fu panda as the primary president after the primary program

I think we can write off this year’s Primary Program as an unqualified success. See you next year, Master Shifu!


primary pinterestWe’d love to hear about it: what is the scariest, the craziest, or the most meaningful Primary Program experience you’ve ever had?

(Now that all of those memories you blocked out have resurfaced.)

Marian is a seasoned traveler and third culture kid, having spent most of her life in Australia and Southeast Asia. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University in English with an editing minor, and is passionate about all things beautiful, meaningful, and edible.