21 Times Parks and Rec Perfectly Captured the Latter-day Saint Experience

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec
NBC/ Via The Edit

With such energetic, loving, well-intentioned characters, it’s hard not to see parallels between Parks and Rec and every ward you’ve ever been in. Through crafts, close friendships, a love of nature, strong couples, and hard work, the hallmarks of Parks and Recreation share a lot of similarities with life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1. When you get a calling you feel completely unqualified for but it goes ok:

Andy Dwyer Parks and Rec

The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called…especially the shoeshinists.

2. When the Young Women get an opportunity to play volleyball with the Young Men:

leslie knope parks and rec hunting

3. When you go on Trek and realize you were definitely not meant to live in the 1850’s:

Chris Traeger Parks and Rec dead

4. When you want your first date outfit to be equal parts modest and irresistible:

Leslie Knope parks and rec cargo pant

5. The college couples with the cheapest, cheesiest (and most adorable) love stories:

April Ludgate Andy Dwyer Parks and Rec

6. When your Relief Society is truly all it’s cracked up to be:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec Galentine's Day

7. When you’re three months from returning home from your mission and in complete denial:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec

Put your shoulder to the wheel, because you can’t afford to think about home too much.

8. When the Relief Society President takes ministering assignments very seriously:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec

9. The member of the ward who always gets the best service opportunities:

Chris Traeger Parks and Rec

10. When your friend finds a killer outfit at D.I.:

Donna Meagle Parks and Rec

11. When the new couple in the YSA ward gets engaged after three weeks:

Ben Wyatt Parks and Rec

12. When your first mission trainer lays down some questionable rules:

April Ludgate Parks and Rec House Rules
NBC/Via leslie-knopes.tumblr.com

13. When you are disappointed by your mission call but try to look on the bright side:

Chris Pratt Parks and Rec

14. When you get called into Young Women’s and the girls are “spilling tea” and calling you “the G.O.A.T”:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec youth

15. But you eventually catch on and learn to fulfill your calling with perfection:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec
NBC/Via The Edit Tips and Advice

16. When Girls’ Camp is just not your cup of (herbal) tea:

April Ludate Parks and Rec camping

17. When the pavilion isn’t reserved but the Ward barbecue must go on, legal or not:

Ron Swanson Parks and Rec
NBC/Via Buzzfeed

18. The ward member whose spiritual gift is ministering to others via DIY/craft projects:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec unity quilt
NBC/ Via Entertainment Weekly

“Ben, on three separate occasions I have used a quilt to mend fences.”

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec craft

“Then you are going to get a needlepoint pillow with your face on it and the lead headline from a newspaper on the day you were born.”

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec craft scrapbook
NBC/Via Sistory

19. When you’re training a new missionary with a…unique learning style:


Tom Haverford Parks and Rec

20. When your church leader chastises you but you know it’s for your own good:

Leslie Knope Parks and Rec
NBC/Via Center for Community Progress

21. When someone asks why members of the Church are often so persistent:

Parks and Rec Leslie Knope Inspiring
NBC/ Via A Little More Juju

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