12 Types of Missionaries You Definitely Had as a Companion

elders companion at missionary training center

Did you serve a mission? If so, you probably had a variety of companions. Some became your best friends and some helped you learn patience. No matter your situation, you definitely had at least one of the following missionaries as a companion!

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1. The Scriptorian

Were you ever companions with the elder or sister who used Preparation Day as a study day? I had a ward mission leader who told me about an elder who read Jesus the Christ for the ENTIRE day. Phew. That’s a lot of reading! However, this missionary was always ready with that perfect scripture for your investigators. I wish I could have as much knowledge about The Book of Mormon as they do.

2. The Party Animal

I had a couple of companions that were incredible party planners. They knew how to make a zone p-day an absolute blast! These creative missionaries could come up with the best ideas to help ward members plan activities, keep children involved during member meals, and finding ways to share the gospel on holidays. I so admire their skills!

3. The Sleeper

Did you ever have to exercise alone in the mornings while your companion caught a few extra minutes of sleep? Was lunchtime actually naptime? I actually had a trainee who fell asleep on the couch within the first five minutes of returning home after her first day. It’s okay to be exhausted. Missionaries are people too!

4. The Talker

missionaries teaching a lesson to a friend

You know the companion who always put their hand up to answer every single question during a meeting? Or didn’t let you get a single word in during a lesson? While it can get annoying sometimes, it’s amazing to know that they’re so willing to share their testimonies. Also, the fact that they have all the lessons memorized is quite the feat!

5. The Spiritual One

I loved my companions who were extra sensitive to promptings from the Spirit. They would follow every thought and bring about some incredible miracles! While it’s important to go into lessons with a plan, these missionaries always allowed the Holy Ghost to guide. Investigators would always say that the message was exactly what they needed to hear!

6. The Flirt

Oh boy. Don’t we all remember this missionary? They might not realize it, but they were SUPER flirty. They also tended to be extremely outgoing and made sure everyone felt included in any activities. Did your mission flirt end up marrying someone from the mission?

7. The Comedian

sister missionaries laughing together

This was my personal favorite type of companion. This missionary could always make you laugh. I remember nights where we stayed up way past our bedtime because we were crying with laughter. Inside jokes can ease the stress of missionary work and I sure loved being companions with someone funny.

8. The One in Love

Did you have a companion who was constantly writing or making videos for their significant other? Was it all they could talk about? I remember a lot of these missionaries. Some of them only lasted a month, but some of them ended up marrying their high-school sweetheart! I personally loved helping one of my companions pick out souvenirs to send her boyfriend back at home.

9. The Chef

This was another favorite. One of my companions baked the most delicious cookies for members while we were snowed in. I had to stop myself from eating all of them. Did you ever have missionaries bring special treats to district meetings? They were the best. I wish I had cooking skills half as good as they!

10. The Member Magnet

We all know the members remember this missionary! These elders and sisters just had such a great connection with the people in your area. You had no problem scoring meals when you were serving with this companion. Having this missionary around definitely made me realize how important members are when it comes to teaching investigators. They are a huge help!

11. The Leader

sister missionary companion at a door

Did you have a companion who was a born leader? These missionaries could truly get you pumped to serve the Lord. They brought zones and districts together and made everyone feel so special. I loved learning from these elders and sisters!

12. The Best Friend

Finally, we all have that one companion who changed our lives forever. Maybe you don’t keep in touch with them as much as you should, but they were definitely your mission bestie. I am so grateful for the companions who made serving a breeze. Remembering my transfers with them always bring a smile to my face!

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What other types of missionaries did you have as companions? Let us know in the comments below!

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