LDS Church Calls For Member Input on Temple Garments

Sacred religious clothing
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The LDS Church released a survey this past week, asking for member’s opinions on the temple garment and how it can be improved to increase comfort and practicality.

“I love the whole idea of the garment. I do not always love the garment in practice,” said Mormon blogger Jana Riess. “In practice, it can feel like a set prop from The Itchy and Scratchy Show. The fabrics used are economical but synthetic. They don’t typically breathe well. The inside neck tags are so nightmarishly itchy for me that I admit here in front of God and everyone that I sometimes cut them off.”

Members who wear the temple garment seem to have similar feelings about ways the Church could make the temple garment more feasible and are glad the Church is doing what they can to take members’ opinions into consideration. The survey allows participants to review specific garment pieces and fabrics. It asks members simple questions about what piece of garment they would like to review, the garment material, and their gender. Participants can then give free-response-style feedback and suggestions about the clothing.

“It’s encouraging to know that the Church is trying hard to identify people’s main issues with the garments and to address those issues as much as they can,” Riess said. “It’s a very specific survey, one that requires you to know the make and fabric of your particular garment choices.”

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