What President Reagan Had to Say About Mormons

President Reagan
Image via LDSliving.com.

This article was originally written by Danielle B. Wagner for LDS Living. The following is an excerpt.

With the passing of former first lady Nancy Reagan, the nation has been remembering this wonderful woman. Among the many sweet notes and memories posted to social media, Marie Osmond posted this picture of meeting the Reagans at President Reagan’s inauguration.

But Marie isn’t the only Mormon who had a good relationship with the Reagans.

President Ronald Reagan held Latter-day Saints in very high regard. In fact, he was the U.S. president with the best relationship with the Mormons and surrounded himself with Latter-day Saints in his administration.

“President Reagan knew and loved the Latter-day Saints and held the Church in highest regard,” remarked former LDS Reagan aide Stephen M. Studdert.

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