100,000 Volunteers Needed for Worldwide Indexing Event

Image via familysearch.org,

FamilySearch is hosting another worldwide indexing event, but this time it lasts for an entire week, and they are searching for as many volunteers as possible.

FamilySearch hopes to have 100,000 volunteers participate in the week-long event to break a record. If 100,000 people each index just one batch of records, they will help break the current record of 91,721 for batches indexed in a week.

The event is being referred to as “Fuel the Find,” as indexed records act as fuel for FamilySearch to connect individuals to their ancestors.

Volunteers who are bilingual are encouraged to try and index a batch in their second language. FamilySearch writes that there is a large need of help indexing French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish records. 

In order for your batch of records to count towards the record breaking goal, it must be indexed during the week-long event, which takes place August 7-14, 2015. For those who want to plan a group indexing event, it is suggested that participants download batches prior to the event to help the system from crashing.

For more information on the worldwide indexing event, visit familysearch.org.

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