Is Traditional Courtship Outdated or Dead?


Does traditional courtship still exist?  Or is it just something our grandparents did?  Find out how one young woman still views the role of traditional courtship and gender difference. Article by Meg Marie Johnson.

To my progressive friends, men and women are practically the same, the only difference worth mentioning being that men are more privileged. They mock traditional courtship rituals such as the man asking the woman out on the first date, paying for it, holding the door open for her, walking her to her door at the end of the date, and generally being the pursuer in the relationship.

Once after a breakup, I reminisced to a friend about how I missed my ex-boyfriend, remembering how I appreciated him trying to take care of me and demonstrating he would be a good protector and provider. My friend lectured me, telling me I was being sexist for my comments and that I should be a strong, independent woman who didn’t “need” a relationship. According to her, nothing about dating or relationships should reflect a difference in gender. Specifically, she said that men opening doors for women is backward, and there shouldn’t be any regard for gender in offering such gestures. Her comments seemed to reflect the attitude of many in today’s culture.

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