The Blessing of Tithing: A Nicaraguan Family’s Experience


In a video PGP Studios posted to their YouTube page, one family describes the blessing of tithing they received through an incredible miracle that came from faithfully paying tithing.

Napoleon Barillas Lopez, from Nicaragua, explains that after he and his family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they decided they would always strive to follow all of God’s commandments. One of those commandments they vowed to follow was to pay a full and honest tithe.

One day, Lopez and his family realized that the amount of money they had was the exact amount they owed in tithing. Lopez was already working two jobs and knew that if they were to pay their tithing, he would not be able to afford groceries for his family. After talking it through with his wife, the couple decided to pay their tithing and take a leap of faith.

When Lopez went to his brother, who is not a member of the Latter-day Saint faith, to ask for a loan, his brother questioned him. His brother said, “You told me you were going to be baptized in the Church, and that if you paid your tithing, you were going to be blessed with everything that you needed.” And, the Lord did bless Lopez and his family.

Word got around that a local grocery store was doing a drawing and a man by the name of Napoleon Barillas had won. When Lopez returned home, a truck parked in his driveway was full of free groceries for his family.

In the video, Lopez explains that this proved to him that faith precedes the miracle and that this experience is “something for which I will be grateful all my life.”

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