Here’s What I’m Adding to the Topical Guide: Loneliness

Image via LDS Daily.

This article was originally published in LDS Daily by Aleah Ingram. Below is an excerpt.

“It was good.”

In scripture, these words are used multiple times by the Father to denote His approval of the Creation. From the arrival of light and darkness, earth and sea, to the abundance of plants and animals, the majesty unfolding could likely be described in grander terms. Yet, the meaning is clear. The Plan of Salvation unfolded, the exaltation of God’s family was about to begin, and it was good.

Yet, it wasn’t long before something appeared that was not good and God took notice. What was it? The answer is found in Genesis 2:18.

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone;”

Loneliness was thus designated as the first unacceptable thing. From Adam’s brief solitary existence to the final descent of Christ’s Atonement, in which He was required to experience the withdrawal of the Father, to us today, loneliness stands as a crippling force that has both spiritual and physical consequences. As a study by Brigham Young University even suggests, loneliness and social isolation can increase your risk of mortality, ie. death.

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