Why New Garment Styles are Such a Big Deal

LDS Garments

A few of my friends who joined the Church later in life recently expressed their frustrations with garment styles.

Laura Marino joined the Church 10 years ago, and is now sealed to her husband and her six children. Although she loves and believes in what the temple garment represents, she struggles with the style, fit, and hygienic issues that result in some garment styles.

The Marino family

Before Laura was baptized, she hadn’t been taught about garments.

The missionaries never told me about garments. I took the discussions, and went to church for 3 months before going to the temple. I was shocked, to say the least, when I learned about garments.

Laura still set her sights on the temple as a new convert. However, she also believes “it is something that needs to be talked about more.” Converts should be prepared for that step long before it is their turn to take it, Laura said.

Since receiving her endowment, Laura has experienced some frustrations with the garment itself. The garments she first used were high rise garments, which were uncomfortable for her. These garments also made it difficult to find flattering clothing counterparts. Even when she found low rise garments, staying cool during San Diego summers was nearly impossible. But her real problem with garments was the intense discomfort the bottoms gave her.

“With all that said, I love wearing garments. I love the symbolism and the blessings that come from wearing them. They are awesome to sleep in, and I never miss a night. They are very sacred and despite any frustrations I have, I wear them and try my best to be obedient. Being endowed is worth more than discomfort. Going to the temple and being sealed to my husband and 6 children is the greatest blessing ever, and I wouldn’t change it. I only wish that garments were designed a little better taking better consideration into the rise and women’s personal hygiene needs.”

The New Garment Style

Thankfully, Laura—and all of us who have had garment frustrations in the past— can now be both obedient and comfortable.

On January 24, 2018, the Church announced new garment styles for men and women.

Here are some of the characteristics of the new garments:

  • 95% cotton and 5% spandex
    • Meaning the garment is both soft and breathable
  • Stretch polyester mesh panels
    • To allow needed airflow
  • New sleeve
    • Eliminating unneeded fabric
  • Printed labels
    • Replacing itchy sewn-in tags

Discontinued Styles

To make way for new garment styles, some older garment styles are being discontinued. The discontinued Women’s styles include the Dri Lux top and bottom, DriSilque flare-leg one-piece, and the DriSilque snug-leg one-piece.

Men’s discontinued styles include Cotton-Poly mid-calf bottom, Cotton-Poly zipper-front one-piece, Nylon mesh one-piece, and Corban one-piece (tall stature).

However, the LDS store website includes suggestions for similar garment styles that can still be purchased.

The Church has also answered some frequently asked questions on their store website.

Laura Marino’s Response

As soon as she heard about the new garment styles, she purchased them within the week.

Facebook photo of description of stretch cotton garments

Laura Marino says: “Just saw this on the Church website! I’m going to go get some this week.”It is clear that the Church is taking women’s and men’s needs into consideration while designing new garments. There may still be frustrations and discomfort with garments, but as Laura Marino said, “Being endowed is worth more than discomfort.”

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Angela Cava is a writer for MormonHub. She currently studies journalism at Brigham Young University, and plans to become an international broadcast journalist upon graduation.