Learn How to Speed Read The Book of Mormon

Image via Read It

New apps are continually being developed to assist in speed reading proficiency, but this new app,  Read It, is unlike any other: it teaches users how to speed read The Book of Mormon.

“Basically it flashes words quickly on the screen, forcing you to read faster,” said Tevya Washburn, who reviewed the new app. “You can just focus on the two little indicator lines and the highlighted letter. That letter has been selected through research, as the best one for your mind and eye to focus on to be able to speedily read each word quickly,” wrote Washburn in his blog post review.

This app may be a good way to quickly read The Book of Mormon to simply understand the overarching themes, but may not be beneficial for deeper study.

Washburn’s only complaint is that there is no Enos, Jarom, Omni, or The Words of Mormon, so readers will have to find those books on LDS.org.

To get started improving your speed reading, visit Read It’s official website.